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2.1. Method of Investigating Quality of Water Granulated Slag. To investigate the relationship between the density and grain size of water granulated slag and the molten slag temperature, blowing water temperature, slag flow rate, and water/slag ratio, water granulated slag samples were taken from an actual water granulation system during the tapping period.

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Molten slag is granulated with water to produce a granulated-slag/water sry that is fed into the bottom of a horizontally extending foraminous drum. ... 4/3/2019· Loesche-Separation Plant for Production of Ultrafine Granulated Blastfurnace Slag and Utilisation Concepts 1. Loesche-separation plant …

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Request PDF | Reducing severe incrustation in the water recirculation system at a blast furnace slag granulation plant | An innovative and cost-effective approach has been implemented at the ...

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Granulation plants with closed water circuits and condensation systems can largely prevent such emissions of water vapor containing sulphur, but are also capital intensive. • When slag is quenched with water, the high energy potential of the hot liquid slag is wasted (heating and evaporation of water.

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22-02-2019· Some iron and steelmaking slag is granulated using water to produce granules suitable for cement replacement. However, this requires significant volumes of water and does not allow any heat to be recovered from the slag. Dry granulation could convert molten slag to SCM and also recover a large fraction of the heat in molten slag.

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Separation Of Water From Granulated Slag. Process to grind granulated slag inhorizontal ball mill for Apr 08 2002 even during shortterm grinding of the granulated slag in water the system develops pronounced binding properties prolonged fragmentation is limited by the solid phasewater ratio at t grin 300 s a halo and the weak line with width of d 0305 nm related to badly

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absorption circuit in the contact plant. The SCF off-gas is treated in a wet venturi scrubber. ... Sufficient instrumentation to monitor the condition of the water cooling circuits and the copper temperatures is essential for operating ... greater volumes of slag and the current granulation circuit will be

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05-05-2013· The slag granulation plant designed for a closed cold water circuit is equipped with a cooling tower whose purpose is to keep the process (granulation) water at a constant cold temperature. Heat removal from the liquid slag in contact with cold granulation water takes place through heat transfer into the water and partly through steam release.

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Blast Furnace Slag Granulation at the Cast House – IspatGuru. May 05, 2013 · Fig 4 Schematic diagram of a slag granulation plant. Granulation section – Here, the liquid BF slag is water quenched and solidified into small particles, eliminating the need for heavy crushing equipment.

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processed using water quenching to form a glassy cementitious material that can be used to substitute for Portland cement. However, the conventional water granulation process consumes a large volume of fresh water through evaporation of 10001500 liters of water per tonne of slag. Given the growing pressure on our industry to reduce its -

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his launder slag-granulation process uses a double stream of water, the upper for dispersing the liquid metal during freefall and the lower to quench the granules. Inquire Now Recent progress of hot stage processing for steelmaking slags in Jinan Steel has been using this process for BOF slag granulation since 1978 for their 25 ton BOF.

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10-08-2018· Granulated Blast Furnace Slag U Steel. 2017-8-19 the majority of components in granulated blast furnace slag are various glassy metallic silicates iron, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, and titanium silicates, including direct water stream will scatter and spread flames and, therefore, should not be used. chat online; Blast Furnace Slag Material Description User .

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· The slag granulation plant designed for a closed cold water circuit is equipped with a cooling tower whose purpose is to keep the process (granulation) water at a constant cold temperature. Heat removal from the liquid slag in contact with cold granulation water takes place through heat transfer into the water and partly through steam release.

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Direct contact between pressurized water stream and melted liquid slag takes place in the granulation chamber. Due to rapid cooling and the impact of water pressure, the melted slag is granulated into 12 mm particles which form a hydro mixture with water, and then are transported to the granulated slag basin through the channel.

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When the liquid (molten) slag is quenched with water in a granulation plant (Fig. 5), a glassy and granular product is created, which must subsequently be ground to produce a fine powder, which is used as a clinker substitute. Ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) has similar cement-like properties to Portland cement.

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Slag Granulation Systems for Blast Furnaces Page 9 of 12 B-2-033. Figure 8 Hot wate r granulation system at a 7500 thm/d fu rnace. The stack needs to be sufficiently high to disperse the steam ...

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Granulation (process) - WikipediaGranulation is the act or process of forming into grains or granul Granules typically have a size range between 02 and 40 mm depending on their subsequent useA Review of Granulation Process for Blast Furnace Slag,Full-text (PDF) | Molten slags of blast furnace is a second resources with great value of 1600~1 800 MJ sensible heat per ton At present, water ...

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The granulated slag and water mix is distributed evenly over the whole length of the drum. Axial vanes inside the drum continuously lift the slag sand onto a conveyor belt for immediate evacuation. The fine mesh on the exterior of the drum retains the slag sand and allows the water to filter through. The slag

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The slag granulation plant comprises three sections: for granulation, dewatering and storage. In the granulation section, the liquid slag is 'quenched' by pouring onto it an excess water stream. The evaporated water will be condensed in a condensing tower located above the granulation tank.

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slag granulation process pdf - crusher.quartz-crusher.com. Recent progress of hot stage processing for steelmaking slags in … Jinan Steel has been using this process for BOF slag granulation …

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Dry Granulation of Blast Furnace Slag for Energy Recovery . Aug 09, 2014Today rapid cooling of liquid slag in a closed water slag granulation plant is state of the art process. The rapid cooling of the liquid BF slag in the water prevents the crystallization of slag and breaks the slag …


Currently, the slag is granulated in wet-granulation plants using large volumes of water and to date, it has not been possible to utilise the remnant heat energy of the molten slag, which amounts to approximately 1.8 GJ of energy per ton.

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L.W. Cheriton, J.P. Gupta, in Encyclopedia of Analytical Science (Second Edition), 2005 Zinc. The most common ore is zinc blende (ZnS), which is found in association with lead, iron, and other sulfides. Before smelting, zinc sulfide is usually concentrated by a float and sink method.The zinc sulfide is then roasted to form zinc oxide, followed by reduction with carbon and/or carbon monoxide.


Granulated slag and/or classified slag products are produced depending on the production process. The ... Fine concentrate is first ground and made into pellets in the sintering plant. The pellets are ... Slag granulation process Water from smelting furnace scrubbers Slag 1650-1700°C 1.2 t/(t FeCr) To circulation > 90 %

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Reducing the slag temperature to 1673 K or less is effective for adjusting the unit weight to 1.40 kg/l or more. Because the slag temperature is reduced to 1673 K or less in the new granulation system, the molten slag is granulated by blowing water after the slag is charged into the slag ladle.get price

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Dry Slag Granulation. Water granulation is the most commonly used method to handle blast furnace slag and requires a granulation and a dewatering step to process the slag. In water granulation, the energy in the slag is lost from water evaporation and cooling and is difficult or impossible to recover.


Construction of technological facilities for slag granulation from converters The project was carried out as part of an investment consisting in reconstruction of the existing production plant. Our task was to prepare a complete, multi-discipline documentation of the converter slag granulation installation in the form of the Building Permit Design and detailed designs.

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DOC Blast Furnace Water Recirculation System Anunay. SLAG GRANULATION PLANT 61 GRANULATION PROCESS The granulation of slag is a process in which molten slag is quenched with a large volume of water by a high pressure spray During the quenching process the slag expands and breaks up into granules which freeze rapidly into an amorphous solid state...